GRI 203-1 | 103-2 | 103-3: Indirect economic impacts

FEBRABAN’s Education Institute (INFI) promotes excellence, offers systemic content involving best banking sector practices, in an environment of innovation and in the constant search for people development

Established as a knowledge center, FEBRABAN’s Education Institute (INFI) promotes training and specialization courses, as well as programs aimed at meeting the demands of various sectors.

In addition to courses designed for the banking segment, the INFI offers preparatory courses for specific certifications and content for other markets, both live and distance learning, as well as in-company programs tailored to businesses.

INFI works on two educational fronts: corporate and financial. The first covers training programs for executives in various capacities; the second, the development of content and applications that help people to consciously use banking products, save and avoid over-indebtedness.

Also noteworthy is INFI’s performance in the professional certification of correspondents and other professionals in several areas, such as money laundering prevention, ombudsman services, rural credit and sustainability.

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During the year, classes and training courses were given by renowned market experts, CEOs and executives on innovative topics that meet the real professional recycling needs of bank and financial institution employees; as well as specialized programs for managers and leaders.

In 2018, more than 25,000 professionals received training, with emphasis on the technical programs of the banking career, leadership development and certifications, in addition to 20 summits covering topics such as clients, blockchain, open banking and means of payment. Participant satisfaction rate reached 94%.

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Through its educational programs, INFI provides informative guidance on personal finance, so that consumers can make informed decisions about the use of money, credit and financed goods.

In 2018, the Racial Diversity project also deserves attention, through which 180 young afro-descendants were trained for the labor market, obtaining the FEBRABAN FBB-500 and the Anbima CPA-10 certifications. The program was administered by the INFI and sponsored by JP Morgan Bank, with the support of the Zumbi dos Palmares University.

In addition, FEBRABAN is one of the sponsors of the Brazilian Financial Education Association (AEF), which runs projects for Brazil’s National Financial Education Strategy (Enef). Investment in 2018 included producing content for students and training for teachers, in addition to the launch of a game and the redesigning of the Vida e Dinheiro (Life and Money) website.

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My Pocket Up to Date (Meu Bolso em Dia) GRI 203-1 | 103-2 | 103-3: Indirect economic impacts

The My Pocket Up to Date (Meu Bolso em Dia) website provides tools such as the dream simulator, tables for controlling spending, according to the users, tips about saving, apps that assist with financial and budget planning, and exclusive content for entrepreneurs and the You and the Bank channel, with guidance on the role of financial institutions.

In 2018, more than two million users accessed the My Pocket Up to Date (Meu Bolso em Dia) website. Eighty topics were published, with the emphasis on issues concerning the recovery of good credit ratings, income tax, purchases and use of credit, and 15 videos on day-to-day situations, providing guidance on the importance of budgeting and the use of banking products.

Since its launch, My Pocket Up to Date has attracted 17 million visitors, more than 100,000 users of its financial management apps and more than 800,000 followers on its social networks.

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Jimbo Mobile and My Business up to Date (Meu negócio em dia)

The personal finance management software Jimbo Mobile and My Business Up to Date (Meu Negócio em Dia) app, available on the Entrepreneur Channel (My Pocket up to Date), attracted more than 200,000 users in 2018.

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FEBRABAN encourages technical and academic research mainly through the INFI-FEBRABAN Banking Economics Awards.

The 10th edition of the Awards received more than 60 papers in three categories: dissertations, theses and academic articles; monographs; and a special category, which addressed the economic aspects of banking activity, risk models, an analysis of the scenario and banking products.

INFI provides preparatory courses and certification for several segments to enhance participants’ skills.

During the year, 15,000 certifications were awarded, including correspondents and professionals in the fields of ombudsmanship, agribusiness and suitability, the latter being a ground-breaking product in the sector designed to provide training at branch network level, in provide clients with the appropriate products.

Furthermore, in partnership with the international Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), INFI offers the internationally certified Training Course in Combating Corruption and Money Laundering.

In 2018, more than 100 professionals were trained and certified in money laundering prevention.

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